Student Life on The MDP...

Being Part of a Community

The life of a student on the MDP is unlike that of any other Masters in the country. The practical nature of the course, mixed with the diverse range of outgoing students means that every year the advisors form a strong community bond that lasts for life. This community atmosphere is fostered through weekend trips around Ireland and a variety of group excursions in Dublin. 

Positive Working Environment

The MDP management team is of the highest quality. However, it is the students that bring the programme to life. This results in a highly engaging and positive office environment where students share ideas and concepts while socialising with one another, emulating a real working environment. The MDP encourages a healthy work-life balance as part of the holistic learning experience within the course.

Outside the Office

Due to the strong community aspect of the course, friendships within the MDP stay strong well after the office closes every day. Throughout the 11 months of the programme, advisors are continually working on multiple projects at a time and constantly striving to meet strict deadlines for clients. However, during this time it’s common for advisors to have a highly engaging social life with one another which results in a year that not only develops them into marketing professionals but also creates lasting memories.