Client: Electric Ireland

Services offered: Event Implementation, Concept Development, Digital Strategy


The bi-annual Electric Ireland Business Breakfast has been running in conjunction with the Marketing Development Programme for 18 years. It provides the advisors with an opportunity to get real life experience, organising and managing a business event from start to finish. This project also exposes the advisors to the importance of budget and relationship management.

Due to COVID-19, this summer’s event couldn’t take place and instead, it required contingency planning, adaptability and agility from the advisors. 


The Winter Edition:

Another outstanding networking event in The Marker Hotel with 120 guests including business leaders from a variety of sectors.  

The Summer Edition:

Guided and supported by Electric Ireland’s Digital Marketing team, our advisors successfully created an engaging webinar discussion with keynote speakers around the theme of innovation and adaptability in the current climate. The discussion can be found here.


To run a successful networking event with a view to positioning Electric Ireland as a leader in the business energy industry. 

This year, the advisors were required to restructure the event format to take account of social distancing measures at short notice. They demonstrated ingenuity and innovation by taking a traditional networking event online for the first time.